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ERS-CMS (Version 4.3)


This is a basic content Management System that can be used to allow end users to edit their own websites without requiring them to have knowledge of HTML. This system is based on flat files and does not require a database. When in Demo Mode, only the “Other” page can be edited. When not in Demo Mode, editing of all pages is possible.


By default, the Tiny-MCE editor is used, but other editors can be connected to this Content Management System.


There are two default accounts: user and admin

The password for both accounts is: password


Configuration can be done by editing numerous HTML and PHP files within this system. In the future, a more detailed manual may be available, but for now, hopefully most of the details can be figured out be reading through the code.


A ZIP file containing a working version of this Content Management System can be downloaded HERE.


This Content Management System may be freely used for either personal or commercial purposes.


This Content Management System was created by:

Eddie Stevens